Would you film where we are or where you're currently located?

We typically create our videos in our studio(s). Our clients will usually send the items for a shoot, and if need be, we'll send them back once the shoot is completed. If you'd prefer that a creative team member from parabox travel to your location and shoot on-site, all travel costs associated (gas or airfare, hotel, food per diem, ect.) would be required up front.

What's your process for working with businesses?

It all starts with the amount of videos you'd like to create, and what your campaign goals are. 

Campaign size:

Most brands are starting off with a 5 to 10 Vine campaign to get the ball rolling. On Instagram, it's typically smaller (2 to 4). This would allow your brand's account to have one to two weeks of new, fresh, high quality content (depending on how often we post the videos). This could also generate lots of social buzz and online media attention since brands are being showcased more frequently as they continue to embrace the medium.  We typically sign multi-Vine contracts and renew them on a case-by-case basis.


We'd recommend starting off strong and promoting one new Vine/Instagram video per day, or every other day if you're looking to build rapid awareness. We'd be willing to complete one per day/every other day, but will need about 5 to 7 days to prep the content that may be required for the shoot. 

Creative Dialogue:

We won't start creating a Vine or Instagram video until you and your team are satisfied with the story it needs to tell. Sometimes it's not about creating something new, but rather sharing your existing marketing strategy in a unique, fun way. We'd love to work with your team and present ideas from a technical & creative perspective, and will always be open to feedback. Once we have each 'story' agreed upon, we'll begin the 5 to 7 day prep time needed to complete the project.

If we just create Vines, will you charge to post to Instagram?

Here's the cool thing - now we can create top-notch stop motion Vines and UPLOAD them to your Instagram account, so it's included. Two for one. And, as a bonus, since Instagram Videos can be up to 15 seconds, we can include more than one Vine, and tell a longer story.

Could you upload a previously recorded video to Vine?

No. Uploading videos to Vine violates their terms of service and could result in banishment from the platform. Some people are risking their accounts by getting away with it - but we're not those people. We strongly believe in keeping vine content all natural.

Creating and Submitting Social Video:

Before we begin, we'll need the following information from you, the brand:

-The Username/Password combo for the Vine/Instagram account

-Specific time you'd like the video to be posted

-Description & hashtags

We'll send a final version as a .mov file to you and your team for approval before the video is posted live. When the assets are approved, we'll submit the post at the requested time.


We'd love to offer flat-rate prices, but unfortunately every job is different and the prices vary based on the detail of the production. Please CONTACT US so we can fine-tune a price for your specific social video campaign. 

Additional Options:

We're also able to shoot these as HD Videos with a DSLR for use in other marketing efforts outside of the Vine/Instagram platform. This would require a totally different shoot, as well as pro-level coloring and tweaking with professional editing software. Please CONTACT US for details.