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In the 2nd installment of our viner interview series, we talk to one of the funniest Dads on Vine, Stewart (Brittlestar) Reynolds. He chats about his run-ins with the paparazzi, keeping secrets, and being Burt Reynolds' cousin. Actually we made that last part up, but we can only assume it to be true since they have the same last name. 

Lets get right to it:

You remind me a lot of a guy I know. Do you get that a lot?

Since that bastard, Drew Carey, lost a bunch of weight I get compared to him a lot.  I was told that Paul Gross (actor that plays the mountie in the TV cop Show Due South) was mistaken for me once, though I'm not sure if he's ever been mistaken for Drew Carey.  Though I feel strongly that all three of us have said 'come on down' before at some point.

What’s it like working with your sons on Vines?

I'm always blown away by their concepts and little technical things like plotting out scenes and visual composition of each scene.  We usually have a ton of fun... which I think is sadly unusual for some dads and their teen kids.   I love it.  It's not always easy though.  You know, because they're kids and I'm an immature adult.

Tell us about your craziest run-in with the paparazzi.

I've yet to have a terrible experience with any paparazzi... though last November I was taught some very basic choreography and then danced out of the Disneyland castle in California to take selfies with Pluto in front of TV and other cameras as a 'Social Media All Star'.  That was weird.

What is the best thing about Vine? The worst?

Best? Anyone with a camera on their phone/tablet can create and share a moment, feeling, whatever.  Letting people be creative keeps them sane.  

Worst? It doesn't seem to count towards my Klout score so I can't get more free body wash.

Why did you first join Vine?

My youngest son, Gregor (GregorR on Vine), heard about it a week or two after it was released in the App Store and started showing me Vines he thought were hilarious.  I thought they were hilarious too... I also thought, "Pffft, that looks easy.  I can do that."  It looked like a fun and easy way to capture an emotion that others could watch and say "Hey!  That's how I feel!"

Would you rather ride an elephant or a camel?

Elephant.  Without question.  Roomy.  Trustworthy.   Wang-esque nose.

We noticed you wear a lot of nerd shirts in your vines. Are you a true nerd or just a poser?

I love technology.  I'm not a gearhead.  I don't lust over specs but I love the potential uses of it.  Does that make me a nerd?  I love early 80's tech stuff because it was such an exciting time. It suddenly felt like the future was here or was just around the corner.  That period of time was the beginning of the digital revolution to me.  People just figuring our how they could use technology to do what they wanted it to do.  That time was the birth of Digital DIY, and I like to celebrate that through the wearing of stylish chemises.

How would you summarize Vine in 6 words?

Engaging contemporary haikus in video form.

Can you keep a secret?

Why?  What do you know and who have you been talking to?

Tell us your biggest secret.

I can eat 10 buttertarts in one sitting with no remorse. (buttertarts are little sugar, butter and raisin tarts)

Do you have a process for vining that you typically follow? What does creating a Vine look like for you?

I've been revising my Vine creation process constantly since I started.  My own sense of humour is sometimes a bit too subtle or dry to really convey itself well in a Vine, so I need to really distil it down to an emotion and then amplify that emotion to the point of ridiculous.

I'll usually start with a concept/scenario that I hope is familiar to a lot of people.  Then try to find one element of that concept/scenario that I can really exaggerate. 

What’s your favorite Nick Cage film? Please name only one.

I refuse to answer this ridiculous question.  Who can name only one?  

What’s your go-to order at Long John Silver’s? 

This is a tricky question, as I don't think there are anymore Long John Silvers in Canada.  We used to have one here in our town but its main reputation was for how Steve Campbell put his running shoe in the deep fat fryer one night.  With that in mind, I'll say Hush Puppies (though I think Steve's were actually Converse).

We'd like to thank Brittlestar for filling us with the urge to gorge on buttertarts while watching our Klout score sit AND NEVER MOVE. While we do that, you be sure to follow him on vine, so you can lap up his comedic brilliance!