World Cup Vines 2014 - France vs Nigeria

This just in: France has defeated Nigeria in what was a well-played match by both teams in Brasilia. The final score was France 2 - Nigeria 0. France will advance to the World Cup quarterfinals this Friday, July 4th.

Here are the Vines of the World Cup match of France vs Nigeria:


Brasilia stadium before the game:


Double headbutt:


Looks like France's #19 may have kicked Nigeria's player in the face on the way down.


A good attempt at a goal.


France's Paul Pagbo nails a header at 79'. GOAL!


In one of the more upsetting and embarrassing moments, Nigeria's Joseph Yobo collides with Nigeria's goalie, Enyeama, and helps the French score a second goal. 

I don't think I'd be going back to my home country after a blunder like that.


In case you missed it before:


And France goes wild:

not so wild.