Best Branded Vines of the World Cup - So Far


These are the branded Vines of the World Cup 2014 as of June 30th, 2014.


Me Encanta 


From McDonald's Latin-focused account, Me Encanta:

As a marketer with PR roots, I wanted to see this brazen product placement succeed. However, it doesn't seem to be scoring any goals with fans. Perhaps its the "rinse & repeat" methodology applied to the fries Vines, or it could be that the exemplary display of After Effects capabilities (which the videos possess in spades) doesn't captivate the Vine audience as planned.

Me Encanta has also produced a series of Vines where French Fries spell out the name of Latin nations. These Vines have been released right before the nations' teams matches begin. The Vine for Costa Rica seems to have garnered the most likes & Re-Vines so far:

As of June 30th, the "MeEncanta" Vine channel is only up to 91 followers (myself included). At 15 likes and 5 Re-Vines, the Costa Rica french-fry typography Vine seems to be their most successful video within Vine. 

That being said, the "GOOOOOLLL #WorldCup #ViveTuJuego" Vine has gotten 107 Twitter shares and 25 likes on Facebook. This shows that Viners see the post-production footage as only mildly shareable- OUTSIDE of Vine, that is. 


Coca Cola Brasil 


Though they've been trying, Coca Cola Brazil has had a mixed return on their Vines throughout the World Cup. The best engagement went to the above Vine, as it directly references Brazil.

Their Vine experience could become amazing: all they have to do is focus less on putting their product front and center. This is the time for footballers to shine; brands that can't let go and let the experience happen will find themselves in an uphill battle on a flat field.




ESPN's retro-fitted homage to Brazil's national team:


Another of ESPN's Vines that is receiving heavy traction is their metaphor-laden Vine video of how the USA broke through the wall after their game with Germany. Incorporating the USA's favorite chant at the World Cup ("I believe that we will win!") adds to the amped-up energy of this byte-sized video:


An even more popular Vine incorporating "I believe that we will win" comes to us courtesy of MLS:




French Vine account L'ÉQUIPE has hired out Viners Yves Das, Pierre Laromiguiere & -Gor- to create a stream of Vines. Each video re-lives crucial moments of different games in Legos; very cool! Here's an example, taken from the Colombia vs Uruguay match:


Twitter Sports


Twitter Sports' interactive "land on your squad" Vine:




MLS' animation of Julio Cesar:


Adidas Football


Adidas Football has reused this animation style a few times throughout the World Cup. Here, it's used to highlight Colombia, and relive James Rodriguez' goal & sideline dance from the game against Japan.


Adidas Football's other campaign throughout the World Cup 2014 has featured Vines of football stadiums where the games are being held. Here's Arena Pernambuco from the nosebleed:


Estadio Nacional in Brasilia:


And the Arena Fonte Nova:

Though Adidas Football has been re-using their animation style to create what appears to be duplicate Vines, they have been doing it persistently. The six second clips of the stadiums provide social followers to feel as if they are near the action, so they get points for that. 


Nike Football (Soccer)


While Adidas Football has continued to make an effort and push content out to Vine, the Nike Football (Soccer) account has seen all of two Vines since the start of the World Cup. One features Tim Howard blocking goals at an alarmingly swift rate:


While Nike Football (Soccer)'s other Vine shows what appears to be an out-of-place bodybuilder sliding on his knees across the turf:


These videos are receiving re-vines in the thousands and likes in the tens of thousands. Though the metrics are there, we would have expected more out of Nike. Their two Vines showcase none of the amazing types of animation and videography that Vine has become known for. If anything, they show us that, like the channel's name shows, Nike Football (Soccer) just can't seem to make up its mind when it comes to Vine. 


What have we learned from the branded Vines of the World Cup so far?

1. The majority of brands aren't trying hard enough. 

This has been true since the inception of Vine, as marketers have had a tendency to shy away from the powerful communication platform. The good news? There are production studios such as parabox creative and Meagan Cignoli who are here to help brands and their agencies win on Vine.

2.  ESPN, MLS, Adidas Football, and L'ÉQUIPE are the brands to follow on Vine during the World Cup

Follow ESPN for emotionally-charged videos, especially as team USA gears up to play Belgium tomorrow (Tuesday, July 1, 2014)! Search their hashtag #IBELIEVE

Adidas Football gets major points for adhering to its content mix of low-fi animations, soccer ball shots, and arena panoramas.

L'ÉQUIPE is one of the top brands on Vine during the World Cup: it has adhered to Lego stop-motion content, and kept its channel relevant through re-caps of the World Cup's most pivotal moments.

3. NBC Sports has mysteriously disappeared

.During the Kentucky Derby, NBC Sports was all over Vine. For the one-day sporting event, they had no less than two stop-motion hat kaleidoscope Vines! One of them starring Al Roker, the other, the lovely lady attendees.

There were two Vines on how to make a mint julep: one a six-second how-to, the other more magical. One vine of the jerseys of riders, a Vine of the invitations with animation included, and no less than a dozen other Vines showcasing Churchill Downs, the attendees, and the horses. 

After seeing the flow of footage covering such a niche sporting event, I was nothing short of stoked to see how NBC Sports would bring me cutting-edge coverage of the World Cup. Sadly, their Vine account hasn't seen an update since May 11th, and they've let this potential brand champion confused. What good is a sports networks' social feed if they can't cover one of the World's largest sporting events?

If you need help Vining about the World Cup, NBC, I'm here for you. I've got several smart phones, a passport, and the inclination to create the best World Cup content that Vine has ever seen! Just send a round-trip ticket to Rio & a mint julep; I'll take it from there. 

4.  It's not too late!

Whether you are a brand or agency representing a brand, your brand can still reap the benefits of engaging with millions of passionate football fans before the World Cup is over! You've got two weeks to get a six-second video out. If you're not up to it, we've got a dedicated team here at parabox who is. Nike Football (Soccer) & Umbro, I'm talking to both of you. McDonald's, Gatorade, Powerade: my mind abounds with ideas to get your product on their minds & in their  shopping carts this July. Let's get in the game while the engagement is good.


#IBELIEVE your brand can win!

do you?