World Cup 2014 Vines - Watch Colombia Defeat Japan (on mute!)

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Out of all the days of the World Cup 2014, yesterday had to have been the craziest. Apologies all around for not getting this post out last night; we were caught up in the social media storm that is Suarez

Equal parts tepid Vines of television and ear drum-terrorizing vuvuzuelas, these are the Vines that fans were posting surrounding Colombia's defeat of Japan 4-1. 


Let the game begin:


This one always leaves you wanting more:


Penalty Goal - Colombia's first against Japan


Colombia's Second Goal, scored by Jackson:


Colombia's third goal against Japan, courtesy of Jackson:


James scores the fourth goal- Colombia WINS!


And the game is over. Low quality Vine of a high-def TV:


Best use of Calle 13 we've heard all year:


Celebration in Colombia with lots of shrieking, Vuvuzuela-esque sounds. Turn the sound on, I dare you. 


Great moments of the game:


Colombian pride: louder than yours. Click the volume on this Vine to see what I mean. 


How Colombia's team celebrated on the field:


This guy over & over:


I was going to put Japan's one goal down here. Sadly, it's been deleted by the Viner. No Japan goal Vines.