USA vs Portugal: World Cup 2014 Vines

Yesterday, The United States' national team went head-to-head with Portugal in what continues to be an emotional roller-coaster of a football game. 

Though the USA and Portugal match ended up tying in what most fans call an unnecessary ending, Portugal has not been receiving much love via Vine. The two main topics for short-form video seem to be:

1. Jermaine Jones' Goal

2. Clint Dempsey's Goal 

Both are goals, and both come from USA fans. This is what people have been sharing on Vine of the World Cup 2014 match of USA vs. Portugal.


Jermain Jones' Goal


Clint Dempsey's Goal:


What team USA fans were vining during the game:


The game wouldn't have been the same without some fancy footwork by Cristiano Ronaldo:


How did you feel after the USA vs. Portugal match?