World Cup 2014 Vines - Relive the insane Switzerland vs France match

A few moments ago, I took to Vine to see what was going on at the World Cup. Little did I know, I was in for a steady stream of clips that re-lived the France versus Switzerland match in Vines!

Here are the shots that defined the match: 


France 1 - Switzerland 0


France 3 - Switzerland 0


France 4 - Switzerland 0


France 5 - Switzerland 0


France 5 - Switzerland 1 

The Swiss finally get a goal, thanks to a penalty shot.


France 5 - Switzerland 2


Though Switzerland tried to score one last goal, it was not valid. The referee had already blown the whistle! That didn't stop a slew of Viners from creating Vines about the shot made after the clock stopped.


There you have it: another example of how you don't have to turn on the television to get breaking news. You just have to watch your social feeds at the right moment!

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