Three Weird Tricks That'll Kick Your Vine Campaign Into High Gear

Hey fam,

Frank here. Okay, first off - the title is a bit misleading. Yes, I'm going to mention the 'weird tricks', but (plot twist) I'm not going to make you cringe through watching a dry-erase board video for 45 minutes, or scroll endlessly through a 'letter' written to you with a link to paypal at the bottom...I'm just going to reveal the weird tricks that really will help your Vine(s) be seen by lots and lots of people. Honestly, it's common sense...that I'll do my best to explain further below.

Keep this in mind: This isn't about more followers on Vine (no 'revine' clubs here guys), it's about how many people will see and interact with your creative content.

Brands, this blog is for you. Viners have been using these tactics from day one to grow their audience, and to share fun content - and it's time you did the same. Here it is:

...well, before I get to it let me talk a bit about...

Just kidding, here are the three 'tricks':
1. Post yer darn Vine(s) to Twitter.
2. Upload your Vine(s) to Instagram.
3. Post your Instagram Video on Facebook.

That's it. Share your content outside of Vine. Simple.

Yes, that's it. Seriously. If you're already doing that...awesome! If not...why not?

CASUAL EXAMPLE: When I'm scrolling through endless tweets, I don't like to stop to tap on a YouTube link (1) to open a new app (2) to watch a video (3) to return to twitter (4) to figure out where I was before I decided to interrupt myself (5). What is that, like 5 steps? It's 2014, that's far too many steps for people to see your content.

STEP ONE: Post Yer Darn Vines On Twitter

Brands/Advertisers: Your audience on Vine is different than your audience on Twitter, so please, post Vine content on Twitter as well. It's not as redundant as you think. If you're keeping your content on Vine, you're hiding it from the casual follower on other social media channels. Here's why it important to post on Twitter: THE VINE WILL PLAY WITHIN THE VIEWERS FEED AUTOMAGICALLY.  No tapping on external links, no leaving the app. It's the most efficient way of pairing copy with content. You should be doing this right now, darn-it.

STEP TWO: Upload The Vine To Instagram

BONUS TIP: Upload the same Video twice to a single Instagram Video. At 5 to 6 seconds, you can get 2 to 3 Vine loops...the way the Vines were meant to be seen in the first place. This will get your content in front of an entirely different audience, and if you're a brand who's probably paid good money for unique content, why on earth wouldn't you do this?

STEP THREE: Post Your Instagram Video on Facebook

Wait, why not post your Vine on Facebook? Here's the only reason you need: Instagram Videos play AUTOMAGICALLY on the News Feed, Vine's don't. Simply uploading a Vine will mean the user has to walk through steps to view content. Not good. What you really want is for them to devour the content you've created in a way that works for them, not the other way around. 

In reality, these aren't really tricks. They're marketing techniques that will help you engage with a broader audience beyond your limited audience on Vine. (Vine has nearly 50 million I say 'limited' as a means of comparison to the user count of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.)

If you're already creating (or hiring pros to create for you) on Vine, then bravo. You've taken the first step into a brave new content driven world. Why not link this cutting edge content to established social networks and continue to grow your fan-base. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

Frank Danna is a professional Viner and co-founder of parabox creative. parabox creative is constantly producing cutting edge Vine and Instagram content for worldwide brands, including Chevrolet, Bank of America, Samsung Global, and many more. For more details about parabox creative, visit