Using Vine as a Storytelling Tool for Brands

As the formats for communication continue to evolve, Vine is standing out as the short-format medium of choice for corporate storytelling. With attention spans continuing to shrink, it’s no wonder Vine works as a great storytelling tool for brands to connect with customers around the products and services they love.

The following is an interview with Hunter Harrison, an early pioneer and Founder of Parabox Creative, a communications company specializing in creating custom brand content for Vine.

BJ: What is it about the Vine format that is connecting with users and ultimately consumers?

Hunter: What really sets Vine apart from other social video mediums is the in-app recording features as well as the looping playback. Vine offers really innovative ways to record mobile videos. The app does not allow users to upload pre-recorded content. Each Vine video must be recorded on a mobile device within the app and can be no more than 6 seconds in length. Once a vine is recorded and posted, it plays back on a repetitive loop. What’s been really appealing is stop-motion animation, comedy and micro-storytelling. Because there’s no post-recording/editing process, it forces Vine users to get creative with their approach.

BJ: What is the best way for a business to get started on Vine?

Hunter: The best way is to start fast & strong. The brands that have embraced the app have already developed a leg-up on their competition. What most don’t realize is that Vine is a large community of over 40 million users. That’s an audience that has yet to be fully tapped. Mobile marketing is (obviously) the future. The impressions that businesses are paying for with traditional forms of advertising have been diluted by the incessant use of mobile devices. TV  spots, Radio spots, Billboard spots, etc…they’re all being watered down by mobile forms of communication. I believe the best way to reach a brand’s target market is to go where their customer’s eyeballs are.

BJ: How can a business use Vine to tell a story?

Hunter: The options are endless, really. 6 seconds may not seem like a long time for storytelling, but it actually offers some pretty cool possibilities. A brand could also link a longer story together with a series of vines. Different brands go about it different ways. Sometimes they’ll launch Vine specific campaigns, and sometimes they’ll just use Vine to piggyback on an existing ad campaign.