DOCTOR WHO - Ten Part Vine Series


  • This project was purely driven by motivation to bring joy to myself and 'whovians' everywhere
  • 10 part mini-series consisting of a variety of stop motion styles (totaling only 60 seconds of stop motion video)
  • Time spent: 40 hours over eight long, cold  autumn nights


  • 3,950 Vine Likes (as of November 25, 2013
  • 4,820 Revines (as of November 25, 2013)
  • 1400+ New Followers


PARTS 1 & 2:

These were actually the last Vines I created for the Doctor Who Vine series. If you visit my Vine account (search for Frank Danna), you'll be able to see all of them in order from 1 to 10.

I stayed up all night before the premiere of the 50th anniversary episode crafting these two bad boys, plus another Vine I made for Food Network's #ThanksgivingLive event.

Vine #1 [Happy 50th anniversary #DoctorWho!]
My primary focus for the first Vine in the series was to showcase the 50th Anniversary as much as I could! I used images from BBC's marketing campaign to show off the various silhouettes laden with iconic imagery from each of the Doctors' stints on TV.

Vine #2  [WHO is your favorite modern companion?]
This Vine centered on the Doctor's most recent companions (I didn't go back any further than Rose Tyler from the shows re-boot in 2005). For this Vine, I had to re-create the iconic TARDIS journal using construction paper, pens and sharpies. I aged the paper, taped it to a notebook, and hoped for the best!

PARTS 3 & 4:

Next up, some Doctor Who baddies! For my 3rd, 4th, and 5th Vines in the series, I focused on some of the most notable monsters and enemies in the Doctor Who canon.

Vine #3: [A few of the Doctor's enemies]
I wanted this Vine to feel like a 'major villain overview' from every spectrum of Doctor Who. I  showcased a combination of old school and new school monsters.

Vine #4: ["Don't Blink"]
I had a BLAST creating this Vine. I used around 70 screenshots from the episode that pitted Amy Pond against a weeping angel that actually came through a TV screen to attack her! Most whovians find this villain to be the most terrifying of them all, so I absolutely had to give the weeping angels a standalone Vine. Take a look behind the scenes HERE.



PARTS 5 & 6:

My fifth Vine continued to showcase another prominent villian - the oldest and most notorious opponent of the Doctors many iterations - while the sixth Vine payed homage to an incredible, mind-blowing story arc that happened early on in the reboot.

Vine #5: [Exterminate!]
I don't think you're allowed to be a Doctor Who fan unless you own a silicone Doctor Who ice cube tray. I mixed some food coloring and water, then let it freeze into what you see onscreen: the Daleks! I was able to take full advantage of Vine's new time machine feature (ironically enough) to complete this Vine. Luckily,  I didn't have to wait around for hours and hours watching ice melt - I used a hair dryer to speed up the process and control the angle of the melt, resulting in what you'll see below!

Vine #6: ["I take the words...I scatter them in time and space"]
BAD WOLF. Before I began this Vine series, I knew that I would eventually create a Vine that pays tribute to this amazing storyline from the first season of the show - and I was very glad I got to create it last week! I seriously thought about tagging some concrete or bricks with 'chalk' so it could wash off, but I eventually oped into controlling the outcome a bit more by using a scrapbooking backdrop as my brick wall. I used my S4's built in LED flash to naturally blast the screen with white light for the transitions, and added some 'Doctor Who' theme music bumpin' & loopin' in the background.

PARTS 7 & 8:

Doctor...who? Exactly! For my seventh and eighth Vines in the Doctor Who series, I focused on two of my favorite Doctors! 

Vine #7: [David Tennant Is the #10th Doctor] 
David Tennant - Arguably the most beloved Doctor of this generation. I knew the only way to immortalize this top-tier Doctor with a Vine tribute was to do it with coffee grounds. I downloaded a popular David Tennant stencil, and instead of using it to create some Banksy style graffiti on the side of my local police call box, I taped it down on poster board and sprayed it with a sticky adhesive, then poured dry coffee grounds all over it and waited for it to dry. The result? A great smelling house - and a really fun Vine! 

Vine #8: [Matt Smith Is The #11th Doctor] 
Matt Smith - This guy had his work cut out for him when he became the 11th doctor! I would NOT want to follow in David Tennant's footsteps, but he's proven time and time again that he can hold his own as a very competent, sometimes brilliant version of the Doctor. I love his little quips and sayings, so I did my best to incorporate my favorite slogan of his into this Vine. I've been wearing bow ties more often over the past year, and every time someone comments on them I alway respond with "bow ties are cool". If they "get" that saying, I usually receive a high-five or a hug (which happens constantly and is quite awesome). Also, I was given permission from a great silhouette artist to use her Matt Smith art as inspiration for this Vine - you can check out her work HERE.  



PARTS 9 & 10:

Because these Vines post in a reverse order to how they were created, I worked on #9 & #10 at the very beginning of the Doctor Who Vine series. Confused? Now you know how it feels to watch a Doctor Who episode centered around time travel. I envisioned these being the last Vines people would see if they were casually scrolling through my account, so I wanted to wrap things up by paying tribute to all of the Doctors and the TARDIS one last time. 

Vine #9: [WHO is your favorite Doctor?] 
Giving 11 individual Doctors their own moment to shine is difficult to accomplish in six seconds. I decided to expeditiously scroll through each iconic image quickly, leaving it up to the user to pause and view the details of a particular Doctor if they so desired. Sure enough, this Vine received more comments than any other Doctor Who Vine I created for the series. Which Doctor received the most adoration? You guessed it - #10 (David Tennants Doctor). 

Vine #10: [#Cubecraft TARDIS] 
Ah, the Tardis. Sorry, the T.A.R.D.I.S - there we go. I had to end/begin my journey with this incredible time & space travel device. I've been an enthusiast of cubecraft for a few months, and thought it would be a fun and unique challenge to assemble and fly their Tardis cutout in six seconds. It turned out to be VERY challenging, since I didn't use any wires, hangers, or post produced 'special effects' of any kind to make the Tardis fly. But, as with most Vine projects, it also turned out to be very, very fun. 


Thanks for reading/watching! I hope you enjoyed viewing the Vines I created for DOCTOR WHO's 50th Anniversary. Feel free to share my Vines anywhere you'd like, with the exception of uploading to YouTube as a compilation.

Please note: This project was not endorsed or paid for by BBC - this Vine series was created without compensation from any third parties and should be considered fan art.